The initial firm’s portfolio includes a number of services in the domain of production technology rationalization, quality and safety management system implementation, internal auditing, and respective training courses that are offered to the client companies in food sector.  Specific services fall into the following categories:

  • New product formulation;
  • New technology development;
  • Production equipment design and layout;
  • Assistance in developing quality and safety management systems;
  • Support in introducing Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Hygiene and Sanitation procedures;
  • Consultancy in establishing, implementing and maintaining HACCP system;
  • Practical food safety solutions to meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) ISO 22000 and EUREPGAP requirements, EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Service), BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) Standards approval;
  • Design and implementation of environmental related standards ISO 14001, IPPC A and IPPC B ecological permit, Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Design and implementation of training courses and training materials respective to these food quality control and safety assurance systems.
  • Creating and maintaining a data base consisting of detailed information about relevant organizations, institutions and individuals and their respective functions, roles, actions and programs;
  • Providing inputs and expertise to the processor associations and their working groups in development of industry analyses, white papers, reports and other documentation intended to articulate industries’ position;
  • Supporting development of their specific lobbying activity concepts that may include publications, presentations, meetings and other forms of communications/contacts
  • Introductory training in main aspects of the broad food quality control and safety area (GMP, Traceability, EUREPGAP, HACCP, BRC, ISO, etc.);
  • Presentation of EU food production and marketing related requirements, legislation and directives and their implications both on industry and processor levels
  • Presentation of EU assistance programs that are be available for the government, business organizations and individual companies to comply with the mentioned requirements during the accession process and corresponding application methodologies and techniques requested by the EU entities.