About IQS


Integrated Quality Systems (IQS) is a consulting business that focuses on providing a full range of advisory services to agribusinesses in a broad management, production and technology related areas.  It unites a core group of leading Macedonian experts in variety of agribusiness related disciplines that joined their knowledge, skills and experience needed to offer these services according to the highest professional standards.  Members of this group have attended a number of trainings in the mentioned areas that were conducted by a leading US and European food production/technology experts and have received several internationally recognized certificates.
The initial firm’s portfolio includes a number of services in the domain of production technology rationalization, quality and safety management system implementation, internal auditing, and respective training courses that are offered to the client companies in food sector. 
In addition to the core team, IQS collaborates with several international experts providing specialized consulting services that are not available in the country.  Critical factor for successful international know-how transfer is the strategic partnership with Advanced Food Safety Limited, one of the leading European quality control and health assurance consulting firm based in United Kingdom www.food-safety.co.uk offering a comprehensive set of advisory services in this domain.