GLOBALGAP is a single integrated standard with modular applications for different product groups, ranging from plant and livestock production to plant propagation materials and compound feed manufacturing.

The standard serves as a global reference system for other existing standards and can also easily and directly be applied by all parties of the primary food sector. In other words: GLOBALGAP operates like a satellite navigation system. It equips members with a reliable tool kit, which allows each partner in the supply chain to position themselves in a global market with respect to consumer requirements.

Feedback from nearly ten years of working with the standard – with more than one hundred thousand completed audits – has been incorporated to make the new third version of 2007 more relevant to today’s concerns and advanced production techniques.

The comprehensive documentation of the system is organised into five major blocks, each with a set of complementary elements. Users can select the applicable elements of each block to create a tailor-made, user-friendly manual. This selection gives direction to all relevant stages of the GLOBALGAP certification process, including:

  • system rules referred to as General Regulations (GR),
  • global G.A.P. requirements referred to as Control Points and Compliance Criteria (CPCC),
  • inspection documents referred to as Checklists (CL),
  • national G.A.P. requirements referred to as Approved National Interpretation Guidelines,
  • harmonisation tools referred to as Benchmarking Cross Reference Checklist  (BMCL) and other guidelines.