IPPC or „Integrated pollution prevention and control“ is a regulatory system stemming from EU Directive 96/61/EC that employs an integrated approach to environmental permitting to control the environmental impacts of certain industrial activities. It involves determining the appropriate controls for industry to protect the environment through a single permitting process. To gain a Permit, Operators will have make a written Application to show that they have systematically developed proposals to apply the “Best Available Techniques” (BAT) and meet certain other requirements, taking account of relevant local factors.The arbiter is the Environmental Authority responsible for legislative enforcement (i.e. the Regulator). IPPC includes environmental performance criteria in terms of Best Available Techniques (BAT), Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) and Emission Limit Values (ELVs).
IPPC is based on usage of Best Available Techniques (BAT)
Best – the most efficient in achievement the high level of protection of the environment;
Available – can be used under acceptable economical and technological condition, takeing in consideration all false and advantages (costs and benefits for the environment)  
Techniques – includes not only the technology that is used but also the way that installation is build, maintain, manage and destroy.